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language for designing APIs

OpenAPI is automatically generated
  • Design APIs 2-3 times faster
  • Describe different API types in a single specification
  • Keep your API docs up-to-date with the message validator
  • Design APIs together in the cloud
  • Enjoy beautiful HTML docs
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JSight Online Editor
  • Generate OpenAPI automatically
  • Download beautiful HTML docs
  • Share API specifications in the cloud
  • Design REST and JSON-RPC in one specification
  • Completely free and open source
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JSight CLI
  • Generate OpenAPI definitions
  • Generate beautiful HTML docs
  • Completely free and open source
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jsight doc html "my-api.jsight" > "my-api-doc.html"

jsight convert openapi yaml "my-api.jsight" > "my-api.openapi"

jsight convert openapi json "my-api.jsight" > "my-api.openapi"
JSight Validator
ValidationError error = JSight.ValidateHttpRequest(
"my-api-spec.jsight", // JSight API spec path
"POST", // method
"/api/hello-world", // url
new HashMap<String, List<String>>(), // headers
"{\"message\": \"Hello, World!\"}" // body

if( error != null ) {
servletResponse.getWriter().write( error.toJSON() ); // return 404 HTTP error
  • Validates HTTP requests and responses against the JSight API definition
  • Numerous languages supported (Java, Golang, PHP, etc.)
  • Extra fast validator (from 5 microseconds)
  • Completely free
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