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· 2 min read
Konstantin Malyshev

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Many of you have requested that API documentation be shared in the JSight Online Editor via a unique URL. That was already in our plans, but considering your request, we decided to address this task earlier. The backend is complete, as well as the requirements specification for the frontend. Right now, we are creating its design. We plan to complete this feature by the end of April 2022.

We considered various UI options, and finally we liked the sharing option made by the guys at (a service for working with regex).

The advantages of this solution:

  1. All URLs are permanent. The contents of a unique link never change. This saves us from having to deal with a lot of complexity in the user interface.
  2. If you need to change the code in the URL, you can simply create a new version of that URL. For example, you received a link Once you make edits into the code and save the new version, the new URL turns into (note that the version number at the end of the link is changed). The following version will include the number 3: , and so on.

This method is very convenient. Just by looking at the URL, you will understand the version number of your API, and you can always check what was in previous versions just by decrementing the URL version number.

Enjoy JSight Online Editor and share your ideas with us. Your feedback is important to us!