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Upcoming JSight Online Editor Release 4.0

· 2 min read
Konstantin Malyshev

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We plan to release a new version of JSight Online Editor by the end of May 2022. Among other minor improvements, there will be two new important features:

  1. Smart syntax highlighting, which will allow you to write code in JSight even faster.
  2. Sharing API documentation using a link.

Sharing documents via a link will provide our users with three fantastic benefits:

  1. Quickly share and discuss an API description with a colleague. You simply need to follow three steps: describe the API, copy the URL, and send the link to a colleague in a chat.
  2. Store API documentation in the editor's cloud. Do not forget to save a permanent link to the document in someplace safe.
  3. View the entire history of document modifications. The unique version number in the link itself updates whenever the API documentation changes. For example, if the URL to the first version of the API was, the link to the following version would be (only the last digit changes). So you can always revert to any previous version of the API by simply decreasing the version number in the link.

Thank you for your attention! Along with you, we are also looking forward to the release and your feedback on the new features.