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As painful as it is... Why we made the right choice when we decided to create JSight

· One min read
Konstantin Malyshev

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During the conversation on the phone with a potential customer, I was telling the story of our project:

"... and in so and so year, we decided to create a tool so that the REST API documentation for our projects is always up-to-date..."

And at this moment, from the other end of the line, I heard like an animal snarl, overwhelmed with anguish and hope:


Friends, I can't express how much suffering and understanding I heard in that sound.) There are some things that can't be described in words. After that, we both burst out laughing.

A potential customer is in charge of a big project at the world's largest telecommunications company. The peculiarity of their REST API is that they return massive JSON-structures in response. (In JSON format, a description of a cell operator's tariff can take several hundred thousand lines). And, of course, any error in the documentation is fatal.

It looks like JSight is on the right track. Follow the news, the release is soon!