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JSight Online Editor 3.0 Release

· 2 min read
Konstantin Malyshev

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Hi everybody! We have a new release of JSight Online Editor 3.0! The official release page may be found here: JSight Online Editor 3.0 Release Notes.

There are two cool features in this version:

Firstly, “Preview” and “Export” buttons are added. By using these buttons, you can see the final API documentation design and, if you like it, download it in HTML format.

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Secondly, we have added macros support into the JSight language. And it's really very cool! JSight now looks like a true programming language (programmers will understand us). With the directive MACRO, you may now declare a macro, and with the directive PASTE, you may paste this macro anywhere in your API an unlimited number of times. Macros are useful, for instance, for quick attachment of standard responses to each resource in case of an error. As an example:

GET /cats

200 [@cat]
PASTE @commonErrors

GET /dogs

200 [@dog]
PASTE @commonErrors

MACRO @commonErrors
400 any
401 any
405 any
500 any

You can read more about the directives MACRO and PASTE in the JSight language specification:

We have also improved the UX in some places and fixed a few minor bugs.

We plan to release the next version of JSight Online Editor 4.0 by the end of May. The main innovation of this version will be the “Share” button. With this button, you will be able to save documentation in the cloud and share it with colleagues just by sending them a unique link to the document.

We also hope to add JSON-RPC support to the JSight language in the near future.