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Quick Tutorial

The primary goals of JSight are:

  • To speed up API design and description. We have created a straightforward and convenient JSight API language which is excellent both for API design and API documenting. It is far more user-friendly than existing languages (compare to OpenAPI).
  • To work with different API types in one place. JSight API is a universal language, which can describe different types of API (REST, JSON-RPC, etc.). JSight tooling also supports different API types.
  • To guarantee 100% accuracy of API documentation at every point of the development process. This is achieved with the help of JSight Validator.

You can attain these goals by following these quick and simple steps:

Step 1. Learn the basics of JSight API language in 10 short lessons. Begin with Lesson 1.
Step 2. Specify your API with JSight API language in JSight Online Editor (or any other editor).
Step 3. Integrate JSight Validator into your source code, which will check every API request and response against your API specification.


This tutorial will be enough to describe a simple API. However, for more complex projects, it is necessary to become familiar with the complete JSight API 0.3 specification. This will help you use the language to its full potential.