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JSight CLI

Command line interface tool for working with JSight API language.

JSight CLI is open source and 100% free.

Release Notes


  • Parsing of JSight API files.
  • Checking JSight API syntax (with detailed messages in case of errors).
  • Generating one-file HTML API doc (example).


Download jsight cli binary to the /usr/local/bin folder.

You can also install it with the following command:

wget && mv jsight /usr/local/bin && chmod +x /usr/local/bin/jsight

Check the installation:

jsight version


Use jsight with the following commands:

  • jsight version — outputs the current version of JSight CLI.
  • jsight help — outputs the manual for JSight CLI.
  • jsight doc html <jsight file> — parses the <jsight file> and outputs the corresponding HTML document (or a detailed error message in case of syntax error).

Command example:

jsight doc html my-api-spec.jst > my-api-spec.html

Generated HTML doc example.

Error message example:

JSight API parsing error at `test04.jst` [1, 1]
Error message: incorrect parameter (Filename) "wrong_lib.jst": file does not exist.
----> INCLUDE wrong_lib.jst

Manual Building

You can build jsight binary from the source code, see the manual on GitHub.